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This type of pathology is formed when the length of the eye axis is the same, but the refractive power indices are different.


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In medicine, in addition to types, the disease is also buy viagra pills according to severity:


Anisometropia is a condition in which the difference in refraction between the right and left eyes is more than 0.5D. The difference, expressed in diopters, is called the degree of anisometropia.

Mild anisometropia - up to 2.0 D. High vision with correction is maintained, normal visual fields, binocular vision, viagra tolerance to spectacle correction. With a high degree of anisometropia - from 4.25 to 6.0 D - binocular vision is absent, in the eye with greater anisometropia amblyopia. The patient often does not notice problems, because. looks with only one eye. The problems of anisometropia are as follows.

If the images on the retina differ by more than 3%, it is impossible to merge these images in the cortical regions of the brain and a difference in brightness and image size appears - aniseikonia. Anisophoria is a mismatch of fixation points on the periphery of the visual fields. This is a concern when wearing spectacles due to the presence of sildenafil 50 mg pills strengths of prismatic action of spectacle lenses with unequal refraction.

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Anisoperoscopy is the difference in the visual fields of both eyes. Difference in accommodative effort of both eyes and reduced or absent convergence.

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In any case, no matter what form and degree anisometropia is, if you do not promptly consult a doctor for qualified help and start treatment, then after some time serious complications may arise.

If the disease proceeds in a mild stage, then the symptoms are mild, in some cases a person may feel slight visual discomfort. Correction of anisometropia through the use of glasses provides normal vision.

At the middle stage, the disease leads to a bifurcation of viagra pills, fuzziness of the image contour, and also to a decrease in visual functions.

If you close one eye, then the symptomWe disappear, in connection with which parents often notice how the child closes his eyes when he reads, watches TV or plays at the computer. In the severe stage, binocular vision is sharply disturbed. For anisometropia, the characteristic symptom is an increased difference in brightness and image size (sildenafil generic).


If there are prolonged visual loads, then the eyes quickly get tired, there are severe headaches that radiate to the superciliary arches. Manifestations in childhood.


When viagra pills index reaches two or more diopters, a correction is needed, including the constant wearing of glasses. A child can overcome the difference in glasses from two to five diopters without much discomfort. The younger the child, the faster it will adapt to such glasses. 


However, in order to learn how to transfer different glasses, a small patient will need time. Such a correction should be introduced gradually. The diopter difference in glasses increases every four months. The first corrective approach is recommended to be carried out against the background of turning off accommodation. Anisometropia is easily treatable, especially when modern methods have been used. It is better to replace glasses with the use of corrective lenses, which even a one-year-old child can successfully wear.